Our Destinations


Served: 1x per week (Thursday midday)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: Terminal1


Served: 1x per week (Thursday morning)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: Stands 217-221

London Gatwick/EGKK

Served: 1x per week (Friday Morning)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: West parking area Stands 130-145

London, the city with many faces, has always been a global centre of finance and industry, a cultural melting pot and a magnet to eccentrics and creative minds.

Amsterdam Schipol/EHAM

Served: 1x per week (Friday Afternoon)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: B-Pier

The city of bicycles and tolerance is so much more than just a romantic idyll of canals and tulips.


Served: 2x per week (Wednesday Midday and Friday evening)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: Stands A11-A40

Frankfurt – the name makes you think of banks and the Stock Exchange. The city is also often associated with tristesse, skyscrapers and hectic.

Berlin Schönefeld/EDDB

Served: 1x per week (Wednesday afternoon)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: Stands 61-65

It seems like only yesterday that Berlin wrote history. The reunification of East and West wasn’t isolated to politics; it was an emotional occurrence that shook the world. Berlin is thrilling, addictive and full of contradictions.

München Franz Josef Strauss/EDDM

Served: 3x per week (Monday Evening, Wednesday Evening and Firday evening)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: Stands 215-225

Tall tankards and high-tech cars, edgy art and Lederhosen – Munich is a city where traditional and modern sit side by side like few places on earth.
Munich, by far the largest city in southern Germany, lies about 30 miles (50 km) north of the edge of the Alps and along the Isar River which flows through the middle of the city.


Served: 1x per week (Tuesday evening)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: Main Apron

Capital of Carinthia

For summer vacations, Klagenfurt is ideally located on Lake Wörthersee, one of Europe’s largest and warmest Alpine lakes. The city’s Mediterranean climate is responsible for pleasant summer days, sunny winters, colourful autumns, and mild springs.


Served: 1x per week (Wednesday morning) Only during summer
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Terminal: Stands 1-5

Corfu is justifiably referred to as “The Green Island”. Greece’s second-largest Ionian island attracts visitors with lovely beaches, historic towns and, most notably, with impressive nature.

Palma de Mallorca/LEPA

Served: 2x per week(Monday midday and Sunday afternoon)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: Stands 80-98

Palma de Mallorca – often called the Pearl of the Mediterranean – is a trove of breathtaking architectural wonders revealing nearly 2 000 years of history.


Served: 2x per week(Monday morning and Thursday evening) Only during summer
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: Stands 13-18

Ibiza is considered the epicentre for party revellers. But the westernmost Balearic island is more than just clubs and discotheques. It also happens to be a great family holiday destination.


Served: 2x per week (Friday night and Sunday midday)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: T1 Stands 240-250

An exuberant metropolis and a long sandy beach, narrow medieval lanes with trendy designer bars. Down-home Catalan sausages meeting modern molecular gastronomy.


Served: 1x per week (Thursday afternoon)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: Stands P3-P6


Served: 1x per week (Tuesday afternoon)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: Stands 1-6


Served: 1x per week (Saturday night)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: Stands 106-109


Served: 1x per week (Saturday morning)
Aircraft: A320
Terminal: Kilo Apron Stands 101-201

The Kosovo of today has very little in common with the Kosovo of the past. Pristina, the capital of the country, is its political, economic and cultural hub and definitely worth a visit.